Friday, December 31, 2010

nak balik dah

kite nak balik malaysia dah .

minggu depan.

lagi 7 hari.


Friday, December 17, 2010

May I be your secret babe~

One secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.


A man



It is a SECRET thats why you never know. And even it is right in front of your eyes you would never noticed.

Inside every MAN's mind the tiny sensitive path appear to be nowhere. Though they are deep thinkers but usually they missed the tiny important thing a lot. Stay in the circle of their comfort zone. So warm and cozy.

And soon the best thing of their life will slowly fade away. Thats great though because usually the best thing will just disappear in a second. And when the time comes, do u think u are READY for it.  Because everybody knows we did not realize how much one is important to us until its gone. Appreciation, the most-take-for-granted- word.

So look, and think. Its your life, an OPPORTUNITY. Open your mind, make a brave decision. You lose now, you lose the opportunity in your life. And if u decide to grab it, make sure it doesnt slip between your fingers.

Always be ready for any possibilities in life. U only live once, make it colourful. 

Good luck!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Good Samaritan

Everybody is unique.
You are.
I am.

Dead ringer? None of us are.
Even if u are twins. Your emotions, your behavior differ.

Now why don't we accept this uniqueness
Appreciate it while we can 

Always have good thought, in that way your heart will always feel calm.

Don't hurt others
by your deeds
or by your words

As I once said
treat people
the way u want to be treated
Be a Good Samaritan...

"Kita semua sama, kurang di sini lebih di sana"

Saje letak gambar King Sejong unedited nih. :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010


Ayah dah suarakan kerisauan dia masa ayah datang dua minggu lepas.
But I said it is okay ayah, a small matter, maybe there's nothing wrong with it.
Most probably it was because of the weather.

But now.
I am the one worrying.

Betul ke there's nothing wrong with it. Is it just because of the weather. Pengembangan dan pengecutan? sejuk?

This time. It was very tiny cut on my finger. If u ever seen papercut. Only your outer epidermis torn. No blood at all.

However the cut is getting deeper and deeper u can even see your own flesh. And it hurts. Been a week. why it hasnt recover yet. 

Okay i will wait. just yet.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I was monitoring their final exam

Salam hi hello gentle readers.

Last few days I've been monitoring students in their final exam. The class I am in charge of was Rock Mechanics-english class. There were about 40 undergraduates students and among them there are only 4 girls. 

Watching them for two hours, blend together with the silence, delve in their faces full of questions, really remind me of myself, back when I was an undergraduate study at UKM. Haha I just cant believe I was one of them. Staring blankly at the question paper, 'pretending' I was in deep thinking whenever the examiner approaches, or writing down something so seriously before rub them all 10 minutes later, 'counting' the marks (OKAY I admit I did that!). What a memory!

I guess I finally understand what a bored job the examiner had. Walking to and fro continuously, open the eye widely, pay the utmost attention to the students (otherwise the students will start to cheat-just like us  :P ).

But it is in Korea, and the students are Koreans. And I was 'thinking' of some stupid things like "Oh this boy is really cute and stylish". And another random thought like "What a masculine face and broad shoulder he had. Should I guess how old is he. Doesnt look like 21". At one time I couldnt turn away but to shyly (continuously) checking on another quiet boy. He has blushed cheek and if not because of his short hair, I will say he is a cute girl. 

Okay stop it Nadia. U are checking on their exams or checking on THEM? haha.. 

Anyway, the situations are pretty much the same. Same old lame tactics. Hello kids I was once a student. Please rub anything u wrote on the desk. I know u are discussing behind my back. And dont pretend to look at me despoite the fact u are glaring at your next-to-u friend. Haha

What an unforgettable experience. I feel like a kakak already. Ouch am I that old?