Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Hi hello gentle readers.. Hello my blog! It has been a while. When is my last post? Was it last year? LAST YEAR? heh..

I AM MARRIED. Yeah. I like it very much when I say "I'm married." Sounds like " I'm a grown up, I am mature enough , I'm living my life truly ; and I have a man by me to stand together till the rest of my life (InsyaAllah)".. What an explanation! haha

Few, asked for pictures. I don't have the edited version with me, but the unedited are here in several folders. I wish I could share all, but you know I couldnt, it would take ages to upload them all. Hence I hope few should be fine. 
Traditional Indian Costume

Traditional Korean Costume

Hubby and Me : Malam Berinai, Traditional Malacca attire

My family in black

Atok was trying to sit there

Mom, Dad, Nek Busu, Tok Busu, Atok, nenek and Nek Che'Kah..


Me : I feel funny doing this, dear
Dear : Hold your breath.. hold your breath.. 

I am happy with everything up until malam  berinai. After that night, I began to dislike everything. I hate the purple lipstick mak andam put on me. Above all. Above everything, the purple lipstick was the most horrifying. Sadly, even after changing my wedding dress to english blue gown, the purple lipstick was still there. What a horrible match purple lip and blue+white gown. Mak andam should know better. Bet she realized, just that she did not prepare an extra lipstick. Ntahapehape. 

Another thing, the dress was gleamingly beautiful. What a colour. But I couldnt keep up. The length, if u know what I mean. Smeared make up especially eye liner, due to extremely hot weather , also brought down my mood that day. I regret bought  the get-your-eye-big-lenses because I realized my eyes are already big and wearing those lenses are just making me look like a weirdo. Anyway, I dislike the make up on the day.. ~Sedih~

Very..very hot sun welcoming us and the rombongan

A sweet glance from me to u~

Dear : This way, this way
Me : My dear , look forward!
Dad and mom ; cheerish their memories

My family in purple

Lets RUIN the cake


sea, sand, you and me..

Welcome! This was where our wedding took place

Continuing after two weeks, wedding at my dear's side took place at Dewan Seri Perkasa,  Masjid Al-Imam Ash-Shafie, Taman Maluri KL.

That was a simple but nice wed, with "makan beradab" as its main event. So, we were glad, not tired, not even shed a single sweat! :P 

Husband, me and family, before ceremony

At the dining table.

Both families. Very nice colour blend~

Special bunting sponsored by our uncle

Husband, me, father and mother in-law

Husband, me and my in-laws

Ahahaha! What a surprise I managed to upload every event in one post! 

Enjoy the pictures!