Monday, March 3, 2014

Typical Morning Rush of He and She

Morning rush.

He - wakes up, showers, dress, powder, perfume, brush hair, change lil' one's diaper, brings lil one downstairs, sweet time breakfast, starts car engine

She - wakes up, breastfeed lil one, sorts ebm, wash last night's bottlemilk, rush to shower, dress, pumping session (managed only 6 oz coz of lack of time n nature's call), stuck in toilet (may due to yesterday's kenduri - unusual occation), tidy up bedrooms, collects all the dirty diapers and throw them in dustbin (he left in on the bed), get lil one's bag and stuff ready, store this morning's pumped ebm, wash the breastpump equipments, wipe them up with tissue to speed up the drying process, get the thermal milk bag ready (make sure ice packs, breastpump , and at least 4 cleaned storage bottles inside), grab whatever hijab she can, brings all the bags inside car WHILE wearing the hijab.

IT IS 8.15AM.

He - giving the ' you are SUPER LATE look'

She - ......

Note that despite the OBVIOUS 7 vs 2 lines, SHE misses to powder(or make up), perfume, brush hair, breakfast.....

Even without the unusual nature's call, this is the regular morning rush of He and She.

P/s : thank you for changing the diaper after I instructed you to.