Friday, August 28, 2009

20-1-1 no more...:(

Writing name in the blue logbook no more
Greeting them good morning no more
Make morning coffee in the pantry no more
Get the head into esteem no more

filing no more
designing no more
drafting no more
studying no more
analysing no more

green partition no more
slow-net computer no more
narrow path to the file stack no more
double- phone ringing no more

en fadli's silly jokes no more
abg cipoi's jewang song no more
kak mimi's hilarious laugh no more
kak malisa's high-pithched voice no more
kak sharifah's poco-poco no more
dr hamiruce's pau goreng no more
abg nizam's shy smile no more
kak syai calling dd no more
che' det's jokes no more
en shalaby's quizzes no more
en hanis's smile no more
the trainees no more
prof's "Assalamualaikum!" no more

The havoc in the office no more
the laughter we shared together no more
the jokes they once told no more
the pressure on the dateline no more
the puzzle before the problems no more
the silly acts by those colleagues no more

No single view of them is just not normal to me.
The thought of not anymore belong to the office is killing me.
The fact that I'm no more there is hard to believe.
Everything is just not normal to me.

I miss the moment together
I miss their voices
I miss en fadli calling my name
I miss everything there already!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Di Atas Normal

Suhu badanku di atas normal

Kandungan cecair dalam rongga pernafasanku di atas normal

Kelikatan dalam rongga tekak ku di atas normal

Bukaan mataku di atas normal

Senyumku masih manis

Wajahku tetap comel..


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hectic Weekend ( Nasi wont basi version)

Hectic Weekend- just as the title sound.. I had the most exciting and tiring weekend after all. Blame it on the Pesta Konvo.. hehe

Listed are few events and memorable moments happened during last weekend:-
  1. Grand opening ceremony on Friday night was awesome! It includes the presence of mummy Suria and my adorable baby Darwisy! yeeppie2..
  2. Convo Higher Committee reU from PK34(on the night).. I met several of them.. miss them much!
  3. Convo Higher Committee reU from PK33(today)- McD session.. hehe..ard 10 ppl attend
  4. Waiting for almost 3 hours on Sunday night for the so called 'gathering' unofficially announced by Mr Mahzan.. Thanks to him we wait for nothing.. Happa Ini Cakap Tara Boley Pakai La Ini worang..
  5. My best bro Buddy MERAJUK!!!!!! He's still not in the mood right now. Bcuz we were late and he went home already, frustrated for not gotten chance to capture the moment..=( I'm so sorry bro.. that nasi wont basi anyway.. We can still heat them up or make nasi goreng.. U know how creative the convoian are.. come on..cheer up bro..
  6. U dont wanna know how much I spent this weekend.. U dont wanna know.. U dont wanna know... aaaaaaaaaarrghhhh...
  7. Abg Hadi , Kak Farah, Abg Syam, Abg Man convo .today. I want to remember.
  8. My dear sweetie sakit sampai kena pegi klinik. He caught fever too and i'm soooooooo scared.. I want to remember it also.

I'm too tired already.. Bobom jom!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

ASEAN Universities Build & Break Competition 2009

Hello gentle readers..
Referring to the poster above, for the past 1 month, me and my teams have been struggling to compete in the competition as stated.

It was the day that KTR-Superptuih dan Transit Kaler Magenta was performed that Dr Siti called me and asked about the competition. She requested me and the team to enter the competition because Wei Chern suggested us , as well as we are doing our internship nearby. So eventhough those sleepless nights of theatre training have finally over, it was replaced by the training for the competition.

We had a month full of discussions, meetings and trainings, with bunchsssss of satay sticks and rollssss off masking tape and quite a number of structural model has been produced. ( especially tower crane and bridge)..

The competition was held on 1st of august at UNITEN. (Have i told u that UNITEN made a collaboration with the Institute of Structural Engineers- Malaysia Division, to organize this respective event).

For 2 and a half hour, we were given on the spot question to build a tower crane with a cantilever beam to support the loading. The question yet was so confusing that we might misinterprete it.

The results of the competition goes: -
2nd runner up- USM Penang
1st runner up- Curtin University Sarawak Campus
Winner - National University of Malaysia (UKM)

UKM made it as a champion, only the champion wasnt us. It was team 2.

UKM sent 2 teams :

1st team- me, Wei Chern, Jason, Dalila, Wei Ching
2nd team(winner)- Jeff, Kuan, Kian Lai, Fook Kong, Lay Teng

Although we kinda embarassed for not performing in the competition, but we still very proud with the other UKM team. Plus, we arent really losing the competition, we actually being disqualified because of the height of our model is not up to requirement(300mm), - we made it 295mm.. ouch..

Maybe it is not our day this time, however we do learned and gained a lot. Mostly on teamworks, experiences, giving ideas, making decisions, to think wise and critis, friendship and a lot more..

After the prize giving ceremony, we celebrate the joy of being a winner at Satay Kajang Hj Samuri.

I heard there will be a small prize giving ceremony held at faculty also, attended by the Dean, because he and our head of department were so proud of us..=D

Thank you .. thank you...thank you..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

LoVeBuG...xOXo ;D

Now I’m speechless
Over the edge
I’m just breathless
I never thought that I’d catch this
Lovebug again

Head over heels in the moment
I never thought that I’d get hit
By this lovebug again

Heart smiles..heart smiles..heart smiles..