Thursday, February 21, 2013

End of one journey just to start another

Assalamualaikum and hello gentle readers.

2012 passed and I had 10 posts. Seriously, like, JUST 10. Even though 2012 held so many significant events ever happened in my life. My journey of life. Okay, lets try to list them out. Just try . 

  • Early in 2012, my wedding ceremonies were held. Twice, as usual Malay customs. Each for bride's and groom's side. 
  • Mid 2012, I was super busy, restless, sleepless, but fearless in finishing up my research and thesis. 
  • Mid 2012, My first ever presentation in conference. Korean Railway conference. And received an Outstanding Paper Award.  
  • 3rd quarter 2012, my first bad encounter with colleague. (should i really state it here??-haha) . I guess I should. Because that was on of the most miserable time I ever had and one of the most horrifying experience I had to face. And it involves crying in front of my supervisor.  
  • 3rd quarter 2012, my master thesis defense, my master thesis published, my graduation ceremony. yeay! Thats the end of my Master Degree's journey.
  • 3rd quarter 2012, first grand honeymoon with beloved husband in Jeju Island. I will never forget that romantic summer holiday :) 
  • 3rd quarter 2012, went back to Malaysia for good. For some reasons that I've been thinking and taking into considerations for quite some time, I decided to read my PhD here in my homeland. 
  • 3rd quarter 2012, interview for PhD scholarship
  • Towards the end of 2012, Second presentation in conference, ITC conference, reunion with the Koreans.
  • Towards the end of 2012, succeed the interview. 
  • Towards the end of 2012, family retreat ( 7 days) to Phuket, Thailand. Unforgettable memories.
  • Towards the end of 2012, keep myself semi-busy preparing for documentation.

Okay, there ,  some of the highlights.

What about this past 2 months? 

  • Early 2013, sitting for IELTS, succeed with Band 7 over 9 .  satisfied because I didnt study much.
  • Early Feb 2013, attend Phd Research Methodology 5-day course
  • Mid Feb, registered as a postgraduate student in UKM. The start of my PhD journey. 
There you go. See? I am currently a postgraduate student in UKM. Back to my student life. Shall I say Im getting used to it? Of course I should say that! I was in my kindergarten in 1993. And since then, i never spent a year not in school. The longest break was before registering for PhD i guess, in which i become a fulltime housewife- 5months. (But not exactly, I did some academic works, such as presenting in conference and writing paper-i may say).

Anyway, Alhamdulillah I started my my PhD journey about a week ago. That involves discussions with supervisors, preparing for grant, and a bit reading. 

What to Expect in a PhD journey

My supervisor on the offer letter was stated as Prof Amiruddin I, Dr Nur Izzi MY and Mr Khairul Anuar MN. But as Prof Raihan suggested and (I agreed), the department changed the order of my supervisor, putting Dr NIMY's name as the first supervisor. However due to unforeseen and really unfortunate circumstances, in the system , at the grad school, the order of the SVs still yet to be changed. There goes my first hassle. Anyway after all that I faced in Seoul, this is just a tiny little dot. 

At the moment, I want to equipped myself with as many literatures as possible. I wish to cover pilot study as wide as possible. Alhamdulillah, so far I'm happy with all my supervisors. Regardless of whose name come first. They are all determined and energetic. I'll keep praying hard for things to go smooth all the way. 

May Allah bless and ease our journey.

My all-the-time wish!