Friday, March 15, 2013

All Izz Well~

Salam hi hello gentle readers, 

One month. One month of being a student, again. Life has been busy, yes. But hectic? Not yet. Still finding the right rhythm to go with the up-and-down momentum. So far my schedules would be meeting both of my supervisors, discussions, field testing, helping the juniors, and most important, literature research. In Malay language it is called  'Kajian Kepustakaan'. Funny eh? Seems awkward to use that phrase in daily life. Imagine I was talking to somebody, like:

"Eh aku busy la esok.. Sorry aku tak dapat join korang. Aku kena buat kajian kepustakaan sikit."

Okay. Weird enough. 

So, for this whole week, after an eye-opening discussions, I end up digging into related articles in TRB journal, from several years back, given by my sv. Oooh there are hundreds of them, and to differentiate which one is related to my research and which one is not...I feel like it takes ages. Anyway anyhow I'm done now. And I have 40 articles to be read. Ha ha ha. 40. It's okay. All Izz Well.

Since scholarship's thingy is still in the mist, my monthly allowance is yet to received. Therefore my parents, being generous as ever, willing-ly provide me with temporary stipend to fund my study. Heartiest gratitude to both of them.

So I bought the most important thing (I think) that a researcher like me should own. A printer. Yeay!

By all good means, I wish my journey to success would be smooth, and the challenges I will be facing in the future is bearable. Amen~

Oh, (also) thanks to this lovely guy for the day and night support. I love you.

Till then, readers.Ciao~

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