Monday, January 6, 2014

I Delivered a Baby Girl - Part 1

Salam and hello gentle readers.

I feel sorry for my poor blog, I have been busy with my life and neglecting my own diary. I wish I can write everyday just like I did in 2009 and 2010. As years went by, my blogposts decrease , become less and less every year. Oh it is still January, so I can make this wish as one of my 2014 resolution - to write more and more in my blog. About my newborn Alya, my study thingy, business thingy, life thingy, random posts and whatever I feel like blogging. =)

Okay back to the main topic. I delivered a beautiful baby girl, my heir, on 27th of November 2013. It was 2 days past my due date. I was told that I would deliver on 25th of November 2013. But deep inside I know from the very beginning that the due date was not exactly true, which is because I do not know the date of my last period. So 25th November 2013 was just a doctor's estimation. 
However on Sunday 24th of November, I did feel a painful contraction. It was a mild one in the morning, but getting stronger in the afternoon. I was at Taman Cempaka at that time, my mother in law quickly asked my husband to bring me to hospital right away, afraid of me delivering in the house. hehe. We waited until 4, and then went back to Taman Kosas to get my stuff. my mom said I did not look like I was in pain. Yeah actually she was right. The intensity of my pain decrease, I noticed that the contraction is irregular. But we went to the hospital anyway. At 6pm, we were already in front of the hospital when suddenly I felt ike I wasnt ready. I really did not feel like going inside. My pain was gone completely. I asked my husband to haave dinner first at McDonald located across the hospital. He was worried, of course, almost unwilling to fulfill my demand but I beg him saying I cannot eat McDonalds during my confinement period so that would be the last time and it worked. I ordered Big Mac, showing how huge my desire was hahaha. After dinner I felt totally fine, the pain totally went away and I asked my husband to return back home. OF COURSE, he refuse. haha. He drove me to the hospital back, and I was asked to went in PAC (Patient Assessment Centre) to check my condition while husband went to register at the counter.

Inside the PAC room, I was asked to undress and changed to hospital attire, leaving only bra. They wrapped me (I learned that it was CTG- to check my baby's heartbeat and my uterus contraction). After a while a nurse came and said she's going to examine my cervix opening. Okay, it was when I realized that it was the famous 'seluk" everybody kept talking about. She inserted something or her own fingers- I do not know-, inside my vagina and yes, it was painful. Bearable, but painful. I remember she said "when you are pushing later in the labor, do not lift your butt okay, you might cause wide tear if you lift it". I was only 1 cm dilated at that time so she said most probably I would have to go home. Several minutes later a young doctor came in. I figured she should be the housemen office. She looked awkward, a little bit slow (she asked me the same questions repeatedly as she forgot my answer as she keyed in my info in the computer). and owh, she typed realllyyy slow too. Not something I expected as a doctor should work fast. I saw she was being ordered around by older nurses, and she just kept quite. After half an hour passed just to key in my general info, she said she was going to check my cervix opening. Surprised, I told her the nurse examined like, an hour ago and it was only 1 cm. But she said that was nurse, as a doctor, she has to check it too. I just have to allow her =(/ The second examination showed I was 2cm dilated. She said I might have to go home. But first I have to wait for Medical Officer to come and check our condition. So I was allowed to go out of the PAC room and waited together with my husband in that pink attire.

Several minutes later I saw an Indian medical officer and she started calling us one by one to get in a small room to be examined. It was a room where they did a scan to check on the baby's position. As I went in, she said she does not need to do a scan on me because I just did that sonography scan last Tuesday. So she said she just need to check on my cervical opening. Surprised again, I shrieked and told her I have been examined twice, the latest was by a house officer. But she replied that was that house officer's, and she need to check by herself too. I just nodded and had to agree with her. But during her 'seluk', I did not experience any pain as she did very gently and everything went smooth. I was still 2 cm open and she decided I need to go home first. so I changed back to my dress and we went back home that night about 10.30 pm, got laugh at by my mom and my little brother. haha. What an experienced. 

This write up about false alarm is too long isn't it? I guess the moment I delivered had to be shifted into next post. So please wait for my part 2 story ya. ^_^

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